Star Wars and NASA: The Connection Awakens

With the announcement that Star Wars Reporter will be among the OFFICIAL MEDIA in attendance for November’s GOES-R Satellite launch from The Kennedy Space Center, we compiled a list of videos that show the strong connection between NASA and the Star Wars saga.

Star Wars Honors Women at NASA:
In this video, Kathleen Kennedy of Lucasfilm, shares the biography of Dava Newman who is the Deputy Administer of NASA.

Daisy Ridley, Rey from The Force Awakens, is also featured introducing another honored NASA employee – Charlie Blackwell-Thompson.

Why Earth Matters to NASA: A Conversation with Harrison Ford:
Harrison Ford lends his “star power” in this NASA segment featured in a climate change documentary.

How to Build a Death Star According to a NASA Engineer:
NASA scientist, Brian Muirhead, explains how to build a “Death Star” as well as the Star Wars scientific influences that the saga has created.

BB-8 visits NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Curiosity Mars Rover:
BB-8 takes us on a comical tour of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory!

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