Star Wars Rebels: “The Last Battle” Preview

In this Star Wars Rebels preview, it looks as though our heroes have been captured by a “relic” from the past.

“Captain Rex and Kanan find themselves the prisoners of a Super Tactical Droid and its battalion, still functioning years after the Clone Wars.”

Not only do we get a glimpse at how messy the end of the Clone Wars was with a lack of insight into loose ends such as the Droid Army ignoring their shutdown command, but we get a feel for the affect the Clone Wars had on Rex as he displays a level of PTSD. The writing team at Disney continues to amaze as they delve deeper (even just a little) into the emotional lives of our heroes. And with such a serious issue as PTSD. Brilliant!

Star Wars Rebels airs on Disney XD – Saturdays 8:30 ET/PT.
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