Star Wars Rebels Review of “The Last Battle”: Stepping into the Unknown

Star Wars Rebels Review of “The Last Battle”: Stepping into the Unknown by Eric Morrin

This 5th episode of the third season of Star Wars Rebels takes at step back from the previous four episodes in tone and setting. It also marks the point where, with the exception of two lines of dialogue, the show is moving beyond the material shown in the season three trailer.

Criticizing elements of the episode would be easy, as the conclusion aimed for is a philosophical reach. I will instead focus on what I believe were the episodes strengths and its relation to the Star Wars universe as a whole.


The elements of the episode that actively advance the current story are secondary in The Last Battle. They are used as a plot device to explore a seemingly abandoned base from the Clone Wars in search of munitions, which (unsurprisingly) do not make it back to the rebel fleet. Hera and Sabine, mostly off screen, do however manage to secure some fuel from the Imperials (leave it to the ladies to get the job done). It was also very nice to get a replacement for the Phantom, as I at least acutely felt its loss.



Instead of facing down against Grand Admiral Thrawn, while attempting to improve their logistics Kanan, Zeb, Ezra, and Rex run into a still functioning (if not at full capacity) remnant from the Separatist Droid Army commanded by a Super Tactical Droid designated Kalani, who in a very human way is fixated on finishing the Clone Wars to its satisfaction. Kalani uses Rex, Kanan, and Ezra to attempt to rein act the Clone Wars. While not equal, and slightly convoluted, they eventually reach a ceasefire when the Empire arrives. This is a nice flashback to the clone wars and shows that Rex is still haunted by them. A very interesting concept, this answers some questions about the fate of the droids and the clones after Order 66 was issued, a refreshing change as the previous four episodes this season have only raised more questions, providing few answers.


Admittedly the continued theme from the season two finale has been a high point this season. It was also nice to see Kanan and Rex utilizing team tactics and working together as well as a more Master/Padawan like interaction between Kanan and Ezra.

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Eric Morrin

Eric is a 27 year old from Canada. Studied History and Japanese at the University of British Columbia, and a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Eric is a life long fan of sci-fi and fantasy, having watched his parents VHS tapes of the original Star Wars trilogy until the film was worn out. His hobbies include martial arts, blacksmithing, and playing board games.