“The FORCE of Giving”: A Star Wars Reporter Gift Guide for the Holidays

There has been an awakening… Can you feel it? That urgent feeling like those Rebel Pilots had rushing to stop the Death Star at the battle of Yavin IV. That feeling of being overwhelmed by Stormtroopers closing in on you at the Rebel Base on Hoth. YES! That feeling… THE HOLIDAYS ARE UPON US!

To help relieve your gift hunting stress this season, the staff at Star Wars Reporter have come up with some handy ideas and compiled them in a Star Wars themed gift guide. Check out these amazing gift ideas for that Star Wars fan on your list.

Star Wars Cothing

Nothing says, “Look at me! I’m a proud Star Wars fan!”, more than wearing your “Fandom Armor” with Star Wars inspired clothing!


Star Wars Under Armour
You may be a Star Wars “NERD” but look like a “buff-Nerd” in these shirts from UnderArmour!


Her Universe – Nothing says “STAR WARS” or fandom more, than the clothing line from Ashley Eckstein, aka: Ahshoka Tano from The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels fame!

Star Wars Art

Showing your fandom with art has come a long way since the days of the posters and magazine clippings.

Dark Ink Art and Acme Archives – Official art licensees for Lucasfilm, Disney, Dreamworks, Power Rangers, 20th Century Fox, and many other top Entertainment Studios.

Star Wars “Around the House”

Star Wars Geeki Tikis – At your BBQ or just around the house, these amazingly crafted Star Wars themed Star Wars Tiki glasses are a must for the GEEKI TIKI in you!

Star Wars R2D2 Coffee Press – What better way for a Star Wars fan to start the day then a hot cup of coffee made in your favorite Droid!

Star Wars Sith vs. Jedi Wall Clock with Light-Up Lightsabers
Now YOU can be notified on the hour, every hour about what an amazing fan you are with this Star Wars themed clock!


Star Wars Darth Vader Porcelain Stein
Enjoy your Star Wars movie marathon with a cold drink in this SITH-tastic stein!


Star Wars R2D2 USB Hub – This 4 port USB hub makes all the adorable sounds that our favorite sassy droid makes, including chirps, squeals and beeps! He does it all!

Star Wars Lightsaber Flashlight – Who says you can’t carry a lightsaber on your hip? The Star Wars LED Lightsaber flashlights are available in “Anakin Skywalker” and “Darth Vader” models, with blue and red LED lights, respectively. I own one, and actually wear it on my hip at work (I work in tech support, so it’s useful.) The light is powerful and the batteries are long lasting. Top it off with the fact that it makes that classic “snap-hiss” when activated or deactived and it’s well worth the price tag of just under $20.

Star Wars Books

Star Wars Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel – Continue with the “new” canon with the latest Star Wars book. Check out the REVIEW HERE.

5 Minute Star Wars Stories – Give your kids a great adventure with a Star Wars bedtime story! READ our REVIEW HERE.

George Lucas: A Life – Learn about the man that created the greatest adventures saga ever!

Star Wars Entertainment

ComicCon HQ – Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest – See your favorite Jedi, Mark Hamill, every week on the new fandom video on demand channel, ComicCon HQ. Journey with Mark Hamill as he visits a variety of collectors and their collections. As well, ComicCon HQ offers a large catalogue of programming to satisfy every fandom needs, including interviews, convention coverage, original shows and more!

Saber Forge – What better way to live out those Jedi dreams than to get your own customizable Lightsaber!

Star Wars Rebels – Season 1 and Season 2 on Blu-ray/DVD – Kick back and watch the REBEL crew of The Ghost as they take on the forces of the Empire!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Collector’s Edition – For the fan that can’t get enough extras in their Force Awakens experience!

The Force Awakens Beginner Role Playing Game – Published by Fantasy Flight Games, this introduction to table-top roleplaying games provides everything needed for you and four of your friends to create exciting and original adventures in a galaxy far, far away. Four ragtag heroes, stranded on the desolate world of Jakku must help the Resistance as they struggle against the might of the First Order.

Star Wars Science – Jedi Holocron – Star Wars Science – Jedi Holocron
The Jedi Order kept their wisdom and secrets locked away in specialized storage devices called Holocrons. Normally, they could only be accessed by those sensitive to the ways of the Force, but with Star Wars Science – Jedi Holocron you can tap into the wisdom of the ancient Jedi Masters!

OK, so it’s not quite that grand, but it really looks neat. It’s basically a Star Wars themed 20-questions trivia game – but it lights up and really does look like the Jedi Holocrons we see in Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels. I couldn’t find an MSRP, but Amazon has them for just shy of $10 – and even as as conversation piece ad desk decoration, it’s still pretty snazzy. The fact that I can pick it up and see if it can figure out whether I’m thinking of Han Solo or Qui-Gon Jinn is just an added bonus.

Star Wars Toys and Other Fun for KIDS (and Big Kids)

Star Wars: The Black Series Imperial Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changer Helmet – Even if you are a “little short to be a Stormtrooper”, you can live out the dream of being a servant of The Empire! We hear they have cookies too!
Captain Phasma Figurine – 10” – Limited Edition – This would look great in your favorite room, or the perfect “Nerd” identifier on your desk at work!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 6″ Elite Series Die Cast Action Figures – For that desk display at work or just around your computer desk at home!

Rebel U-Wing Fighter Playset by LEGO – No Star Wars collection is complete without a selection of LEGO! Create the new U-Wing Fighter from Rogue One with this set.

Star Wars by Funko – A fan favorite in all genres, Funko is a must for collectors and fans!

Star Wars: The Black Series Figures from Hasbro – The staple of every Star Wars collector! Now…to leave in the box or not? Collect from the original trilogy, The Force Awakens, Star Wars Rebels or Rogue One.


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