Star Wars Fan Films: Featuring the “BLIND JEDI”

Chirrut Îmwe was arguably the most popular character in the latest Star Wars film, Rogue One. This could be largely due to the incredibly talented and veteran actor, Donnie Yen. That said, there has to be more to it. Perhaps the “blind Jedi” is a very appealing concept.

The “blind master” theme is not new in film and stories. This has been a common theme from Chinese martial arts films, television and even comics. There is something compelling about a hero who overcomes a disability and defeats an evil foe. Is it because it shows the inner strength that we can all achieve? To look inside ourselves and and move forward? Whooa! Got a little serious there!

We gathered 3 of our favorite Star Wars fan films that featured a blind Jedi. Let us know what you think. Have we missed any fan films with this theme? Let us know in the comments!


“The tale of blind Jedi Master Ko Hoshino and her journey to becoming one with the Force.”


Star Wars:Emergence

“Alenna, a Jedi Padawan, is blinded in an ambush designed to leave her dead. Facing inner demons and dangerous foes, she must rediscover her purpose and identity as a Jedi Knight.”


Star Wars Samurai:The Blind Jedi

“Star wars samurai zatoichi lightsaber light duel saber duel fan film.”

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