Star Wars: The Last…Group of Jedi?

Thanks to ‘conjugated’ adjectives (I’ll let you look that up, hehe), international movie posters around the world are revealing that the Jedi in The Last Jedi is indeed plural. While speculation, circumstance, and good ole’ logic would have us surmise that Luke Skywalker was most likely the Last Jedi (as we see Rey, despite her powers, has not yet been deemed as such), we now know the title and phrase refer to more than one.

Let the flurry of speculation commence…cause…that’s what we do.

With knowledge of the Jedi Order seemingly but a myth to at least some in The Force Awakens, and Kylo belonging to The Knights of Ren as opposed to being labelled a Sith Lord, it could be that the title – The Last Jedi – can just be taken quite literally. Star Wars titles have always been fairly straight up in their meanings. The subtleties in Star Wars have often come from the nooks and crannies of the stories within the story. It would also strongly suggest that Rey will become a Jedi, because Luke, if not the only one, would need someone by his side who adopts that title in order for it to take on the suggested plural meraning. It could be that Rey takes on the once esteemed standing to honor Luke, who has lost so much. What we’ll just have to wait to find out is – how many others, if any, will be named as Jedi? And will the sequel trilogy mark the end of the timeline for guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic? The Jedi Knights were viewed upon as antiquated even by the time A New Hope rolled around, and the Skywalker line struggled and stumbled to keep the order alive.

History moves on.

Suspicions are abound that Finn has force ability; but will he actually become a Jedi Knight? Or will he be the first widely known force user who does not in fact live up to the Jedi code? The force is awakening, perhaps all over the galaxy, and perhaps most of these beings have little or no knowledge of the rules and teachings of the Jedi Order. The Star Wars universe may be awakening with newfound power, but the old codes may be passing into history.

It will be fascinating to see how this plays out as the timeline moves along.

As an aside, I’m also curious as to whether the Sith are around, too, for certainly, it seems the Knights of Ren do not adhere to the rule of two.

Will Star Wars VIII mark the last stand for The Last Jedi…? We shall see.

Be well, my friends, and may the force be with you, always.

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