Mark Hamill as Han Solo in the Latest Bad Lip Reading: The Force Awakens

*UPDATE* – The original Bad Lip Reading video has been restored after a copyright claim was falsely made to Youtube.

My favorite Bad Lip Readings have been the Star Wars themed. The Luke Skywalker rap in the beginning of the Empire Strikes Back video was my favorite. I never thought the people at Bad Lip Reading could top that – and they have with the latest installment featuring The Force Awakens.

I burst out laughing at so many parts of this. My family thinks I have gone crazy! The best part – Mark Hamill voicing the parts of Han Solo. Mark has nailed it and of course he would! Not only is he a talented voice actor but as a great friend of Harrison Ford, he has the experience.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Hamill has done a Harrison Ford impression. Check out this interview with GamesRadar.

See more videos from Bad Lip Reading on their Youtube page HERE.

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