“Smurf Wars”: Custom Toys by Greg Aronowitz

When I was a child, my two nerdy loves were Star Wars and the Smurfs. So when I stumbled upon these amazing customs from artist, Greg Aronowitz, I was filled with a “Force of Smurfy-ness”!

On his blog in 2011, Aronowitz reveals the background on his Star Wars/Smurfs crossovers.

“In the mid 90’s, Lucasfilm commissioned me to design and create a logo and a few limited edition collectibles for the first Star Wars Weekend. I was so excited to do the job, and even more excited that they gave me free reign as to what the items could be.”, said Aronowitz, “Lucasfilm decided at the time that they could not “cross-pollinate” their characters with other brands. It bummed me out at first, but being the Star Wars geek I am, I couldn’t help but love that all my favorite worlds were melding into one, even if someone else got to do it. That small joy turned to new inspiration when I realized that there was still one aspect of my childhood that had yet to be assimilated into the worlds of Star Wars: the Smurfs!”

With all the new Star Wars movies to look forward to and the North American release of the newest Smurf movie TODAY – these customs by Aronowitz seems festive! See more of Greg Aronowitz on his official page. Check them out below.

I can’t wait to take my kids to see Smurf:Lost Village this weekend!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi releases December 2017.

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