Star Wars Forces of Destiny: “Sands of Jakku” Review

As Star Wars continues to expand its horizons and reach out to new fans, we have the first release of the animated series Forces of Destiny hitting the web. Featuring the ladies of the Star Wars universe, Forces of Destiny offers something new for the next generation of wide-eyed fans, focusing primarily on grabbing the attention of young, would-be Jedi girls.

This isn’t heavyweight fare, here, nor should it be. It’s a chance for the girls (and guys) to get to know their favorite female Star Wars characters away from the larger arcs of the epic movies. The first episode, Sands of Jakku, puts Rey front and center, recalling her first moments with BB-8. Daisy Ridley herself provides the voice-over to this particular scene, which expands on events that took place during The Force Awakens.

Clocking in at just over 2 1/2 minutes, Sands of Jakku displays Rey’s inherent good character. She shows sympathy for BB-8, and the Nightwatcher creature who threatens to make a meal of them both. You’ll recall the Nightwatcher as the critter whose pair of eyes stuck out the desert as Rey walked past in the Force Awakens.

It’s a nice little morality lesson in finding a solution that didn’t unnecessarily harm the critter, while saving new friend, BB-8. It’s a small scene, but it sets the tone for what is likely to come – seeing our Star Wars ladies exhibit both strength and compassion.

This isn’t Rebels or the Clone Wars level depth or animation, but it’s a nice addition to the Star Wars universe to heighten the interest of our kiddos and provide a good message at the same time. And who knows where it will lead, for Star Wars projects have a tendency to evolve into something greater than what they were when they started.

Cheers, and stay well, my fellow Jedi Knights.



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