Mark Hamill Playfully Talks Star Wars Underoos with Canada’s Justin Trudeau

For those that follow Mark Hamill on Twitter, it is no surprise to see fun and humorous posts from our favorite Jedi.

That being said, it was a fun surprise to see an interesting exchange between Mark Hamill and Canada’s charismatic Primeminister, Justin Trudeau. But what did they talk about? UNDEROOS! That’s right! Those beloved Star Wars themed underwear from the 1980’s!

It began with a picture of Mr Trudeau famously wearing Star Wars themed socks and, well…the exchange went from there.

“Here’s another reason I love Justin Trudeau”, Mark’s tweet began, “Plus – I have it on good authority exactly what he was wearing UNDER his suit.”

Showing once again, just how cool a world leader he is, the Canadian Prime-minister followed up with his own witty response… Oh Canada! As it turns out, it looks like Mark has Trudeau “COVERED” for all his The Last Jedi…umm, clothing needs! Will Mark be the “Underroos Agent” to the stars? Time will tell.

For those of you that weren’t old enough to remember, Underoos were children’s underwear sets that featured themes such as superheroes, Star Wars and other favorite kids animation and fun. I remember owning that same X-Wing flight suit set of Underoos. I thought I was pretty cool with it under my clothes at school feeling like a Rebel pilot ready to assist Luke Skywalker in all of his adventures! It also came in handy when playing at home, much to the dismay of my Mother, who had to on more than one occasion, bring me inside the house to put on some pants and shirt! We weren’t supposed to wear these outside? Never said that on the package!

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