Mark Hamill’s Plea Regarding The Last Jedi Spoilers – ” Wait for VIII “

The internet LOVES spoilers.

Of course, this love doesn’t transfer to everyone on the internet, especially those fans who are excited about the upcoming Star Wars film, The Last Jedi. These fans, including those at Star Wars Reporter, do all we can to avoid “leaked” information or pictures as we want to be surprised and have an experience without any influence from leaks – real or fake.

Recently on Twitter, Mark Hamill asked fans to “keep all that happens in The Last Jedi a secret as long as humanly possible.”

Secrecy isn’t new to the Luke Skywalker actor. In an interview with GamesRadar, Hamill discusses the pressure of keeping that famous Empire Strikes Back reveal that *SPOILERS*…. Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s Father.

” I didn’t even tell Harrison [about Darth Vader] or my wife”, said Hamill about the secret reveal, “…Irvin Kershner said [to Hamill] I’m going to tell you something that, George [Lucas] knows, I know and now I’m going to tell you and if it leaks, we’ll know it was you.”

Can you imagine that kind of pressure? But, he did keep that secret and the rest is history.

Speculations and reviews of official Star Wars trailers is great for debate and builds excitement for fans, but when you go further and discuss or post leaked pictures, or “script leaks” – this can ruin the experience of some fans.

We’ve made mistakes in the past so we made a similar promise in the past regarding spoilers. So, Star Wars fans, take the promise with us below [It is best to say this out loud and in the voice of YODA]:

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in theaters December 15.



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