The “Force is Strong” in These Star Wars Song Parodies

A new parody song using Adele’s “Hello” about The Force Awakens movie has been released by the KS1075 Morning Show out of Denver featuring Larry Ulibarri, Kendall B, Kathie J and Producer Wig’nz. My daughters discovered this “Hello” Star Wars parody and couldn’t wait to show me!

This is just the latest in a long list of funny Star Wars parodies using popular songs of the time. Here is a selection of my favorites to help “Awaken the dance in you” and get you ready for The Force Awakens, that opens in theaters December 15.

Last Jedi Knight (Star Wars song) [Last Friday Night parody]


‘Traitor’ Star Wars Parody Of Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood”

Star Wars Disney – Let it Flow – Let it Go Frozen Parody

ALL ABOUT THAT BASE – Star Wars Parody

What is your favorite Star Wars song parody? Was it in this list? If not, share your favorite in the comments section!


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