“The Last Dragon” Meets Star Wars in this Lightsaber Scene Recreation

I first discovered Bruce Lee when I first watched “Enter the Dragon” at my friend’s house when I was just a kid and was instantly a fan.

Like with many people’s reaction to martial arts legend, I was in awe of his seemingly super human abilities and stoic charisma. That all sounds too fancy a description. After all, I was 9 years old, so let’s just say I thought Bruce Lee was “COOL”! And again, like other kids my age, wanted to be a martial arts master just like him. I was a well-rounded nerd so I wanted to be Bruce Lee and Luke Skywalker all in one. This was one of the reasons I got into martial arts, especially later in life when I started training in Muay Thai (Thanks, Kru Advincula from Tiger Gym!). Still looking for my Jedi Master though… Mark Hamill? You available? (nerd dreaming)

So I get great joy when my passion for Star Wars combines with my passion for martial arts, especially Bruce Lee. Recently, a friend of mine sent me a fan made video that recreates a famous scene from a Bruce Lee movie with the lightsabers of Star Wars. When I think of those creative people that make fan videos like this, I am reminded of a quote from Lee – “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”, and like to think that this is the motivation behind recreation videos such as this.

Let us know what you think in the comments and “May the Fists of Fury be with you.”

Bruce Lee Lightsabers Scene Recreation

Adding lightsabers to sword battles seems to be a fan favorite, with dozens of really great contributions. Here are a few more of my favorite Star Wars crossover videos.
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