There was a Star Wars Reunion at the 90th Oscar Awards

It was time again in Hollywood for the glitz and glam to shine at the 90th Academy Awards Sunday night as our favorite celebrities gathered to honor their colleagues and creators in the year’s biggest celebration.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi was nominated in FOUR categories including Best Visual effects, Best Music (Original Score), Best Sound Mixing, and Best Sound Editing. And although the film didn’t come away with any Oscars this year, the Star Wars franchise was represented well both on the red carpet and on stage, as Mark Hamill, Oscar Isaac and Kelly Marie Tran were on hand to present awards for Best Animated Film and Best Animated Short.

Accompanied by their faithful droid, BB-8, The Last Jedi stars engaged in playful banter before presenting as the audience laughed with jokes such as “I’ve got a question”, asked Tran to Isaac, “How do you know what BB-8 is saying?” to which Isaac responded, “I’m fluent in Yiddish.”

But my favorite part of the interactions came when Mark Hamill was announcing the Oscar Winner for Best Animated Short Film! While opening the envelope and poking fun at the disastrous moment at last year’s Oscars, Hamill murmured under his breath, “Don’t say LaLa Land, Don’t say LaLa Land…”

When the Jedi met a Wonder Woman

The moment of the night came during a Jimmy Kimmel skit where Kimmel had gathered various celebrities but it was a conversation in the background between Mark Hamill and Gal Gadot that stole the show. It was so sweet when Gadot turned to see Hamill behind her and Mark introduced himself to the Wonder Woman star, “Hi Gal, Mark Hamill” to which Gadot responded, “Awwww, nice to meet you!” They were in their own world at that point!

On the “Red Carpet”, one of the hosts caught up with Kelly Marie Tran, aka: Rose, and asked if she was as emotional as she was during the premiere of The Last Jedi.

“I am going to hold it together tonight”, laughed Tran, “What’s crazy is, it never gets old. Seeing all these people I look up to and all these innovators and I do feel very honored to be here. I’m going to try and cool it on the tears this time!”

For me, the appearance of Mark, Kelly and Oscar made the night more fun in an otherwise long award night! Here’s hoping we see Mark Hamill win for Best Supporting Actor for his role of “Ghost Luke” in Star Wars: Episode 9!

Check out more videos from the Oscars below, including Mark’s first Oscar appearance in 1978!

On the RED CARPET with Mark Hamill:

On stage with Mark, Kelly and Oscar:

BONUS: Mark Hamill at the 1978 Oscars

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