Star Wars Reporter Podcast: An Interview with the Creator of “Solo Must Die: A Musical Parody”, Ari Stidham

We continue our coverage of all things Han Solo this week, as we interview one of the creators of the very funny musical parody “Solo Must Die”, Ari Stidham.

You can see Ari on the CBS show, “Scorpion”, playing the character Sylvester Dodd. You may have also seen him in other tv shows including “Mike and Molly”, “Insecure”, “Glee” and more. He has also starred in several stage projects including “Theatricus Ameridanus” and “Dick Duquesne Radio Plays”.

“Somewhere in between A New Hope and The Empires Strikes Back, Han Solo crash lands in Cloud City and is torn between his smuggler past and his new status as a galactic hero. His crash disturbs one of Vader’s underlings, Grand Moff Levine, who hopes to rise above his station, replace Lando Calrissian, and impress Darth Vader by killing Han Solo. An untold adventure awaits Han as he navigates through his past lovers, the Empire, and visions of Leia – he must find himself and make it alive because no matter what…Han Solo Must Die!”

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