Fun Ideas for You and Friends to do on “Star Wars Day”

“Star Wars Day”, is where fans of George Lucas’ space drama celebrate in honor of their beloved saga – Star Wars. Not only do fans celebrate by immersing themselves in all things Star Wars, including movies, cosplay, parties,shopping for new toy releases and more, it is also good etiquette to say to one another on that day “May the Fourth Be With You” in homage to the Jedi saying of “May the Force Be With You.” Bonus points to those that do it in the voice of Obiwan Kenobi. Nerdy, maybe – Fun, DEFINITELY!

We’ve listed above what most people do during this day, but we’ve come up with some other ideas that you can do to celebrate the day!

Play a Star Wars Game

There are many Star Wars themed video games to play on the market including the MMO Knights of the Old Republic and the first person shooter Battlefront II but I was thinking of something more hands on and creative that gets everyone away from a computer and console to interact with eachother – the Star Wars table top RPG.

Fantasy Flight Games is taking us back to an elegant age with this civilized game. This week, they announced that they’ll be publishing a limited edition two-book hardcover set of the original Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook and its companion Star Wars Sourcebook in a single slip cover. Learn more HERE.

Star Wars Crafts

No need to spend hundreds of dollars to create your own Star Wars coplay. Learn what you can do with your old Toys R Us Stormtrooper helmet or that Han Solo Blaster you found at that yardsale with these “How to” articles!

An EASY Way to Customize Your Own Han Solo Blaster

An Easy Way to Customize Your Own Republic Trooper Helmet

Star Wars Cooking

We all need to eat, so why not have some fun while doing it? What more fun can there be than if our food had a Star Wars theme? Check out these fun and delicious recipes!

The Star Wars Menu: “Chewie Chews”

Star Wars Menu: “Rey’s Savory Quarter-Portion”

Watch a LIVE Star Wars Themed Play

Check out the musical parody, “Solo Must Die” which opens May 4th at the Hudson Backstage Theatre – Details HERE.

“Somewhere in between A New Hope and The Empires Strikes Back, Han Solo crash lands in Cloud City and is torn between his smuggler past and his new status as a galactic hero. His crash disturbs one of Vader’s underlings, Grand Moff Levine, who hopes to rise above his station, replace Lando Calrissian, and impress Darth Vader by killing Han Solo. An untold adventure awaits Han as he navigates through his past lovers, the Empire, and visions of Leia – he must find himself and make it alive because no matter what…Han Solo Must Die!”

Watch a Star Wars Fan Film

There so many creative fans who have created their Star Wars stories that you need to see!

“Jakku: First Wave”

“The Han Solo Chronicles” (Check out the IndieGogo HERE)

“Star Wars: Extraction”

Read a Star Wars Book

There are many books to choose from including those in the EU or the newest books to become canon. Check out the book reviews below and decide on which to read – or read them all!

“Star Wars: Aftermath Trilogy Spoiler-Free Review”

“Looking Back at Shadows of the Empire”

“Splinter of the Mind’s Eye”

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have fun and – May the Fourth be with you!

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