The Last Jedi’s, Kelly Marie Tran, Deletes Her Instagram Posts Due to Star Wars “Fan” Harassment

We Still Have Work To Do

I’m disgusted.

I usually write with an air of goofy, childish, over-the-top sense of fun when concerning our Star Wars universe; but today I’m a bit more heavy handed as I peruse the news and think on the topic of Kelly Marie Trans having to wipe her Instagram account clean because of the ceaseless onslaught of nasty and racist comments directed at her. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised; while social media has provided a platform for all who wish to be heard, it has also emboldened and given a voice to all who have no dignity. This extends far beyond celebrityhood, far beyond Star Wars – this is about common decency.

I know, I know, oh, it’s the internet, thats just “how it is”. No. Sorry, not good enough, anymore. Unacceptable. If we are to take any commentary seriously, than we should be held to the same standards as if we were speaking to someone person to person. This hiding behind the screen, immature keyboard warrior type needs to come face to face with the end of lightsaber, and be rendered extinct. It’s one thing to share sarcastic banter with friends, but it’s another to senselessly attack in the most brutal fashion a person who has done nothing to invite such cruel wrath.

You don’t like The Last Jedi? Fine. You don’t like the character of Rose? Okay. It’s not a big deal. But it’s absurd to carry that disappointment any further than merely a complaint against a fantastical story. To drag real biases into the mix? Well, now you’ve crossed a line, and the territory in which you step has been long marred by the thoughtless. Though we care deeply about our Star Wars universe, we understand that it’s entertainment. This isn’t a place for such vigorous and vile inclinations. What sense does it possibly make to attack the kind and endearing person who had the courage to put herself onscreen? She entered the Star Wars universe with courage and hope, and these so called ‘fans’ attacked her in ways that have no bearing on her performance or part.

Those aren’t fans at all, not of what Star Wars stands for.

Kelly is an innocent bystander to a much larger problem. That it rears it’s ugly head amongst our beloved universe is despicable to me. If you think it’s a joke, well, it ain’t funny. “Yeah, but it’s rampant on social media; this is just how the trolls talk to each other.”

Again: No. It’s reckless, heartless, and unacceptable.

The very core philosophies of Star Wars convey that there’s hope for all, that everyone’s life has value and meaning. We all have fears, hopes, and dreams. We all suffer loss; we all wish for what may seem unobtainable; and at the end of the day, we all have to look in the mirror and wonder who we are that we can criticize another as if we are so much better. We are not. I’d love to say that we’re on equal footing, here, but it’s apparent from these attacks on Kelly that we’re not. Some of us out there just want to go about living, but we can’t; we have to endure the slings and arrows of others, who sometimes attack for no other reason than they simply can without fear of repercussion.

Bigotry, racism – it’s been the way of things since the dawn of recorded history. It’s the ultimate struggle, and we see it raging in the news everyday now. Those who are first to condemn others are often those who have never truly felt those condemnations themselves.

Tears of JOY at the premiere of The Last Jedi

Cruelty has no place in this or any universe. Not here, not in our world, not in our galaxy. Not in Star Wars. Not anywhere. There’s no room for it. Zero tolerance for the intolerant. No quarter for those who lash out against anyone for no reason other than to espouse hatred.

It absolutely disgusts us here at Star Wars Reporter.

We’re in historic times now, where technology has afforded us to cross once unattainable borders, where the distances that separate us have vanished. If we are to move forward into this brave new world, then our old biases, ignorances, and intolerances must fall behind. There’s nowhere on this journey for them. All who bear a good heart are welcome, and we celebrate and support anyone who has the courage to shatter old stereotypes and live in a wide, wondrous universe that cultivates love and acceptance.

I sincerely hope this means you, fellow fan.

It’s been said time and time again, and I guess we’ll just have to keep on saying it. People of all backgrounds and ethnicities deserve to be treated equally. That’s what we here believe. We are the guardians of peace and justice, and may we rise above these dark times, and endure no evil empires. It’s not what we’re about.

In Star Wars, in life, we are one.

May the force be with us all.

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