4 Classic Star Wars TV Appearances You Need to See!

Since it’s release in 1977, Star Wars has had a major impact and influence on mainstream culture.

When A New Hope blasted its way into theaters and the imaginations of everyone young and old, the world couldn’t get enough! Along with the enormous merchandising and marketing, there was the many Star Wars themes and cast appearances making its way into everyday life and television programming. Not everything “Star Wars themed” was great! The following are some of my favorite Star Wars television themes from the 1970’s. Some good, some terrifying!

Donnie and Marie

Donnie and Marie Osmond had a family variety show in the 70’s that included singing, dancing and skits. Take a look at their version of Lucas’ space drama!

The Muppet Show: Pigs in Space with Mark Hamill

Back in the 70’s and 80’s the Muppets were at the peak of popularity. Jim Henson’s diverse puppet family made its way into the homes of millions every week with its own unique family entertainment. There was no shortage of celebrities of the day wanting to appear on this very popular show in order to show a more light and fun side. I remember watching Mark Hamill appear as Luke Skywalker in this episode as a kid and couldn’t wait to talk to my friends the next day!

Burger Chef Star Wars Commercial

Burger Chef was one of the first fast food restaurants to cash in on the Star Wars phenomenon! Check out this classic commercial featuring C3P0 and R2D2 and the merchandise you received.

Star Wars Holiday Special

Star Wars fans are well aware of the “Holiday special that will not be named”…the dreaded Star Wars Holiday Special! This is one of Lucas’ biggest regret (you would think that was Jar Jar), that he sanctioned. If you can get through the entire episode without turning it off or losing your mind then you would have NO problem with the Jedi trials! During the Christmas season, I try and plan a get together with family and friends to try and get through this (not so) classic addition to the Star Wars universe. Try it out for yourself!

These are just a few of the hundreds of commercials, appearances, spoofs, and merchandise that has been released since 1977. What is your favorite? Did we miss something that should have been on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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