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Nothing compares to the joy of speeding through the woods and narrow lanes for people who love mountain riding bikes. Are you planning to buy one? This article will list out some of the best mountain bikes reviews that will help you choose the one suited for you. So if you are unable to make a choice, keep reading.

A few things that you need to be clear about before you buy a mountain bike and also you can get same mountain bike easily below 1000$. The first being purpose. The specifications will vary with your purpose. Is just for some adventure or a real competition? The distance to be traveled and type of terrain also matters. Is it smooth or more on the rocky side? This will determine how much strain you are going to put on the bike.

Marine Hawk Hill Two

If you need a mid-range trail bike at a reasonable price showing versatility then this one is what you may choose. This full suspension bike has tubeless tires and overall well equipped to prevent any shock during hops therefore perfect for rocky terrains. One is going to have a lot of fun riding this baby.

Rock Hopper Comp 29

This is one bike that won’t pinch your pocket and at the same time provide maximum utility. It is mostly preferred by beginners. The parts are resistant to corrosion, increasing the bike’s durability. It’s simple, lightweight hardtail design allows efficiency in performance. The wheels are built to run on all types of terrain be it smooth or rough.

Pivot Mach 5.5 Carbon Race XT 1X

As the name suggests, this trail bike is more than an amateur type. It has amazing rear suspensions. What’s more impressive is the 66.5-degree head tube angle, good for descents.  The frame is of carbon material with rubber guards. It has a good combination of wheels with the back being Maxxis Minion DHT WT and front, Maxxis Rekon WT. Has a long and linear structure. The bike will show its true potential only when rode with full power. It is suitable for occasional speedy adventures.

Fuse Comp 6Fattie

A trail type mountain bike which is, easy on climbing as well as descents. Thanks to its decent suspension. It is equipped with best quality M4 aluminum Frame s. The large wheels don’t make the bike any heavier or difficult to paddle. The hydraulic brakes 4 piston disc brakes work perfectly fine. The bike looks stylish and easy to control.  Its versatility makes it suitable for mountains, sand, single tracks, roots etc. Overall, a good catch for beginners.

Kona Process 153 AL/DL

Has the best full suspension in the market. it has tubeless tires with  27.5 inch big wheels of WTB Asym i29TCS. Kona 6061 aluminum frame gives it a premium finish. It has reverb droppers, Deluxe shock, 160 mm Rockshock Yari Fork and everything for which Kona Process is cable of giving a performance like the high-end mountain bikes being within the budget-friendly category. It should be a step -up game for beginners looking for up gradation.

Be it a competition or for fun, choose a bike that you will enjoy riding for years. You may also choose from the other variants of these bikes. Put on your riding shoes and get ready for some adrenaline rush.

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