The Cast of Solo: A Star Wars Story Talk About Who Inspired Them for the Film in this Fun Featurette

The latest featurette promoting the digital/Bluray release of Solo: A Star Wars Story is a funny look behind the scenes as the cast talks about their “acting inspiration” – Chewbacca!

“Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, and Alden Ehrenreich discuss the amazing actor who inspired them while filming SOLO: A Star Wars Story.”

I love the parts where we see how Chewie prepares for a scene and all the acting exercises he goes through to prepare!

Chewbacca prepares for his next scene!

Solo was an amazing and fun addition to the saga and these promotions have the same feel that the film did. Jokes aside, Chewbacca was my favorite character in the film and it looks like it was to his co-stars too.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is available NOW on digital. Get it on Blu-Ray September 25th.

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