Ewok Celebration Song Covers: A “Yub Nub” of Fun!

After watching Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi when it first released in theaters, it became my favorite of the original trilogy.

I loved the addition of the Scout Troopers, Speeder Bikes, Jabba’s palace, and the growth and final test of Luke Skywalker as he defeated the Emperor and brought his Father back to the side of light. The one thing that stood out for me and was among my favorite, was the introduction of the Ewoks.

Regardless of the dislike of many, to me the Ewoks represented a classic tale of a seemingly weak group of people, overcoming their lack of technology to defeat a far superior and technologically advanced force. A “David vs. Goliath” story for sure! And they were cute, too!

After the defeat of the Empire, it was the Rebels/Ewok celebration that gave me a satisfied feeling of accomplishment. A happy ending to the epic adventure and it was all celebrated with that iconic Ewok Celebration Song!

>Since those happy “Yub Nubs” were sung, there have been several cover songs devoted to the furry little song. The following are some of our favorites.
LCE098 Yub Nub

CrackerJack Junction – Old Timey Barbershop Style

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Victory Celebration Cover by MichelleHeafy

Yub Nub – by Sex Wing Starfighter

Il Troubadore – (some confused Klingons!) Ewok Celebration Song

Star Wars Ewok Gospel

BONUS VIDEO: Not the Ewok Celebration song but we love this Star Wars Medley from “The Harp Twins”!


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