Re-creating Classic Star Wars Scenes With Star Wars Toys

Playing with my Star Wars toys are some of my happiest memories as a child.

The number of adventures I had beside the creek in my backyard with my X-Wing and “Farmboy Luke Skywalker” would have impressed the creator himself, George Lucas. Those times are gone, and if I do happen to purchase a Star Wars toy today, it is either a gift to my fangirl daughters or it is relegated to a shelf in my “NERD CAVE” where it will only see a room filled with nostalgia while collecting dust. Don’t throw out those old action figures! There is a way to keep those toys relevant in a creative way.

Photographer, Matthew Cohen, has taken these simple toys and re-created some classic Star Wars scenes in creative ways. Here is a small sample of some of my favorites from his creations.

To see more of Matthew Cohen’s photography, check out his official Instagram.

“Help me, Obiwan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.” #ForeverOurPrincess
“Well, I guess I AM going to Alderaan…”
“I will finish what you started.”
“I have a bad feeling about this!”
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“Welcome to JEDI ISLAND. Let me show you where we keep the green milk.”
“Plans? What plans?”
“Uugh…Maybe I should use the Force to levitate Dad, instead of carrying him…”
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“Did HE just say ‘I know’ when you said ‘I love you'”?
“Have you read my BOOK by Timothy Zahn”?
More than a “SCAVENGER”
“Two against One. This should be easy, right?”

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