The Force is Strong With These Art Prints – Only Available at Star Wars Celebration Chicago

With Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 quickly approaching updates on events, guest appearances and rumors of Episode IX grow. One of my favorite parts leading up the the event each year are the amazing Star Wars posters and art that surface. Both as official ads to get the fans excited and by the extremely talented artists both sponsored and not.

One such place to see some incredible Star Wars art is on the artist site, Dark Ink. A place where your favorite and sometimes, famous artist has art prints available for purchase. It is a dangerous place for me to hang out as I could buy everything on the site!

This year, Dark Ink has some exclusives that you can only get at the Star Wars Celebration. For those that are lucky enough to attend, you can PRE-ORDER HERE.

Check out a sample of what will be available in Chicago. You can see more art like this on the official Dark Ink Art site HERE.

“No One is Ever Really Gone” by Karen Hallion


Heart of he Rebellion by Darren Tan


“The Phantom Menace” by Danny Haas


“The Return” by Dianne (Diha) Vaznelis
See More Star Wars Art HERE: Behind the Veil of Star Wars: An Interview with Artist Jenny Dolfen
“Maelstrom” by Brandon Kenney


“The Force Unites Us” by Joey Spiotto


“In Umbris Potestas Est” by Cryssy Cheung


“Pack Hunt” by Chris Dee


“30 Seconds Over Tatooine” by Cat Staggs


“Chewie” by Alex Buechel


Star Wars Celebration Chicago opens April 11-15, 2019


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