School of Saberfighting: “A Concert of Lightsaber Combat”

How can you make a concert featuring the award winning John Williams Star Wars score more exciting (if possible)? Lightsaber Combat!

School of Saberfighting just posted this amazing video that features a Lightsaber fight between “Anakin” and “Obiwan” from the prequel films to the live music of Star Wars.

“School of Saberfighting is one of the first teams in the world that specialises in public performance of duels inspired by Star Wars, and also provides training for those who wish to learn this form of stage fencing.”- School of Saberfighting

We have previously reported the growing trend of “Lightsaber Combat” clubs opening across the world. But what are “Lightsaber combat clubs”?

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Many lightsaber combat clubs are led by experienced teachers from traditional martial arts and are taught using traditional martial arts techniques, and all while wielding a lightsaber! Experienced fencer who have a love for Star Wars may find a lightsaber combat class a fun change in their training regiment. Along with learning a form of martial arts combined with the Star Wars universe, taking part in a lightsaber class will also connect you with other dedicated Star Wars fans!

I have said for a long time now that the “Nerd culture” has moved from fringe to mainstream. Being a “Nerd” is now COOL! What is more cool than mixing martial arts, lightsabers, music and Star Wars? This NERD can’t think of anything!

Photo: The Saber Legion – Go out and find a local group in your area!

Now go out and seek your Lightsaber opponent!

To learn more about School of Saberfighting, visit their official Facebook page.

Another great source to learn more about lightsaber training or to find a local group in your area is The Saber Legion on Facebook.

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