KENOBI Fan Film in Development from Jamie Costa

“Well, Hello there…”

Jamie Costa, best known among Star Wars fans for his portrayal of Han Solo in the fan film Han Solo: A Smuggler’s Trade, has just announced his newest project. That project is an Obiwan fanfilm called – “Kenobi – A Star Wars Fan Film”.

“After the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi vanished. Now, on the desert planet Tatooine, an aging warrior who goes by the name of “Ben” stands silent watch over a special child who holds the fate of the galaxy.But Ben is consumed with doubts and guilt – he failed the Republic, the Jedi order, and his dearest friend. As he dwindles away, questioning his purpose alone in the desert, he will be tested as his very presence draws threats both known and unknown towards the Skywalker boy.”-Rob Harmon

The project and Costa are being praised by those in the fandom community including the creator of the “Vader: Shards of the Past” fanfilm over at Star Wars Theory. “I’m a huge advocate for fan films” said Star Wars Theory in their latest video,” I think self expression in film, writing or whatever it may be is a great way for fans or anybody to just get their message out there.”

According to Star Wars Theory, there should be fundraising for the film announced soon on the official Kenobi Fan Film Facebook.

Costa, who nailed it as Han Solo in Smuggler’s Trade, is uncanny as Obiwan in the Facebook clip! He is very good at impersonation and as a bearded man myself – I am a fan of his new “face armor”!

In early January of this year, Star Wars Theory had files claimed against them for their own fan film, which was later overturned by Lucasfilm. From the exposure of the incident involving the instant hit among fans with Shards of the Past, making films such as Kenobi and others fanfilms may become easier and not attract lawsuits.

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Quality Star Wars fan films that stay within canon/guidelines of Lucasfilm, only serve to enrich the community with interesting stories and at the same time, take the financial burden away from the studios. Win -Win, right?

I am very excited for this film and hope that this is the beginning of a flood of amazing fan films to come!

To learn more about and to keep up with developments of the Kenobi fan film, follow on Facebook.

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