Star Wars Hand of the Empire: A Fanfilm Inspired to Make a Difference For Children’s Hospital

Star Wars: Hand of the Empire is a well made and exciting fanfilm that gives us a human look “under the helmet” of a unit of Stormtroopers as they discover battles not only against their enemies but with their own feelings. Along the way, two famous Jedi make an appearance that will change them forever.

I really love these fanfilms that show a personal side of Star Wars characters such as Stormtroopers, Rebel Soldiers and more. We always get to see the epic characters in the heroic side of the story but, what about the backbone of these factions? What about the regular soldiers. This fanfilm gives us this look.

Along with a great story, setting and action, the film was inspired by a charitable cause.

From the Filmmakers,

Set 6 years before the Battle of Yavin, a Stormtrooper unit led by Captain Quarrie are in great need of reinforcements while on a search and capture mission on the forest planet of Cilpar. The Cilpar natives have given the Empire great resistance in locating the Emperor’s missing experiment.

Stormtrooper units accompanied by spec ops and Mandalorian mercenaries have been sent out across the galaxy in search of the target. But there is another presence on Cilpar who also seeks the package. The race is on as a growing Rebellion makes a move to gain the upper hand against the Galactic Empire.

In 2015 our team met a 13-year old boy named Phillip Parks who was battling brain cancer. One of his wishes was to be a stormtrooper so our team was able to get him an official Stormtrooper costume. Sadly he passed away a short time afterwards. His brother, Ben, was able to appear in this film in Phillip’s costume. Wanting to do more for the hospital who cared for Phillip, Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville, KY, our team decided to embark on creating this fan film in his memory and as a way to bring attention to the good work of Norton Children’s Hospital and Children’s Cancer.

Find more information about the Children’s Hospital at

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Star Wars fandom supporting charitable causes is nothing new. You need to look no further than the 501st Legion and all that they do around the world. This fanfilm is another positive example of how true fans can give to the community in both entertainment and awareness.

To learn more about the HOTE FANFILM, visit their Youtube page HERE.

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