The Galactic Builders Get a Lesson on How Rogue One’s K-2S0 Was Created

Be a #ForceForChange

The Galactic Builders visit Industrial Light & Magic to learn about how one of my all time favorite Star Wars characters, K2S0, was “brought to life” in Rogue One.

And NO, Cassian didn’t make them!

Although I would LOVE to experience what these kids get to do, I would NOT be happy to wear one of those motion capture suits! Just give me a few months on keto and sit ups before I would even consider this!

I really hope that the Galactic Builders series inspires young people to seek out careers in these technologies and more!

“In the final installment of Galactic Builders, learn how droids like K-2SO from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story are brought to life through visual effects tools and technologies as FIRST students Anna and Kunal meet with Animation Supervisor Hal Hickel and Research and Development Supervisor Rachel Rose. Follow along as they take a tour of Industrial Light & Magic and try on a motion capture suit to be turned into the droid himself!” – Galactic Builders

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