“Building Breens” Spotlight Features Creative Brothers with a Passion for Star Wars

Mike Breen shows off one of the Lightsabers he built

From creators at Shaw TV in Canada,“Building Breens” is a spotlight that featured two brothers with a passion for science fiction and Star Wars. Be sure to spot Star Wars Reporter PODCAST contributor, “Trooper Todd” (at 6:03).

Inspired by their love of sci-fi, Greg and Mike Breen create props based on the weapons, lightsabes and more like those seen in the Star Wars saga.

“I just happened to have a bunch of parts from a machine I had taken apart”, explains Mike, “I just decided, Greg was talking about lightsabers or something, and I just decided to throw one together.”

And so, their Star Wars adventure began.

This spotlight from Shaw TV in Nanaimo, Canada, is an inspiring look at positive Star Wars fandom and the passion and creativity that fans like Greg and Mike contribute.

From the Producers;
“Since their early teens, brothers Greg & Mike Breen have shared a passion for science fiction films and television shows. They wrote and filmed their own home movies on an 8mm camera–and even built their own props. As years passed, the skill of building props grew into more than just a hobby for one of the brothers, thanks to the heavy influence from a galaxy far, far away…”

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Greg Breen working on his latest project

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