Star Wars Fanfilm Tells the Dark Empire Story with a “Retro” Animation Style

Based on the Dark Horse comic, Wilkins Animations has created an animated Dark Empire series.

I was immediately drawn to the art style used that is reminiscent of the animated short from the Star Wars Holiday Special. Not only is the retro animation style great but I am also impressed by the voice acting of the characters, including Han, Luke and Leia!

Full disclosure… I didn’t read the Dark Horse comic but do own the first 3 issues of the comic. I think this series will be a great introduction for me and I promise to read the comics soon!

Check out Episode I, “The Destiny of a Jedi”, now;

“Years after the battle of Endor, a new danger threatens the galaxy. It’s up to Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie to once more rise to the challenge!”

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To learn more about WilkinsAnimations visit their Youtube page.

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