Here Are The Mandalorian “End Credit Art” for Chapters 1-3


The Mandalorian has not disppointed as an exciting favorite for Star Wars fans!

Not only is the “original trilogy” feel the series has that fans are embracing, but the series has a story and characters that even the most skeptic Star Wars fan can’t resist. Two words – BABY YODA.

While we can talk all day about the amazing styles and cinematography, there is one element of the series that I love. That is the “end credit art”. With a “wild west movie” style painting, the end credit art recaps the amazing episode we just watched. I love the addition of this art which adds to the overall style and perfect decisions by Lucasfilm, namely, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni.

Here is the end credit art for the first 3 chapters. SPOILER WARNING




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