Star Wars: Origins Fanfilm Combines Indiana Jones and a Galaxy Far, Far Away


“Incredibly well-made and thrilling to watch from start to finish”– ScreenRant

Drawing inspiration from Star Wars and Indiana Jones, writer/director Phil Hawkins gives us a unique look at “where it all began”.

“I’ve spent 3 years making STAR WARS: ORIGINS and what is possibly the most expensive fan film ever made… it’s honestly not your usual fare. Shot in the Sahara Desert”, said Hawkins, “I’ve spent everything I have trying to making an original story that’s set on Earth during WWII. It’s a unique look at the saga you know but the origins you don’t.”


The film stars Marie Everett (WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY, Netflix), Hadrian Howard (THE MUMMY, MI ROGUE NATION) and Philip Walker, and one of our fan favorites, Jamie Costa (HAN SOLO: A SMUGGLER’S TRADE, HISHE, Kenobi Fanfilm)!

Star Wars: Origins has an imaginative story set against a remarkable background! The film is led by the very strong “Ellie” played by Everett and Costa’s brilliant “Harrison Ford-esque” Walter and takes fans through a story transformation not seen before.

I really loved this film!

The action was engaging and fun all the way to the emotional finale. Fans of Star Wars and Indiana Jones need to see this!

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