Exciting Revelations and Old Friends in Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian


The Mandalorian Chapter 13: The Jedi

The Mandalorian Chapter 13 premiered on Friday and it could be on of the most important episodes to date! Directed by Dave Filoni, the episode is not only filled with incredible action scenes that only Star Wars can deliver but there are several revelations that will ignite the fandom. This must be a thrill for Dave Filoni as he is finally able to usher in the live action version of his beloved character – Ahsoka Tano.

The following are select highlights from Chapter 13.


Ahsoka LIVES


To the unified cheer from Star Wars fans, Ashsoka Tano made her live action debut in Chapter 13: The Jedi! Actress Rosario Dawson, (Men in Black II, Sin City), has taken up the mantle of the fan favorite Jedi. The character of Ahsoka first premiered in the animated Star Wars film, The Clone Wars and the animated series that followed including appearances on the series Star Wars Rebels.

Dawson as Ahsoka opened the episode in an action filled scene that showcased the amazing and terrifying (to bad guys) powers that Jedi posses as she stalks and takes out her adversaries that is reminiscent to that of the Predator in the 1987 film. Along with the creative team’s work on transitioning the actress into the Togruta Jedi, Dawson was flawless in her live action depiction. I hope to see more Ahsoka this season and look forward to a possible Ahsoka series on Disney+?


His name is GROGU


That’s right! That green little cutie we used to refer to as “Baby Yoda” or “The Child” has a name and that name is – Grogu. This new revelation has come with mixed responses to say the least. As many fans are coming to the realization that this day was coming and that Grogu was always going to be called “kid”, others have not been so kind, refusing to call the little guy anything other than “Baby Yoda”. Although calling him “Baby Yoda” was fun, I am fine with Grogu. Calm down Star Wars fans! It’s just a name, sheesh!

We also got to find out a little history on Grogu from Ahsoka. Apparently, he was at the Jedi Temple being trained at the time of Order 66 and the assault by Anakin Skywalker. He was taken away from the temple by a mysterious person and then his memories get dark from there.


Morgan Elsbeth – played by Diana Lee Inosanto


Diana Lee Inosanto is the daughter of martial arts legend Dan Inosanto and the goddaughter of Bruce Lee! As a martial artist in her own right, she was perfect for the villain to Dawson’s Ahsoka, especially when they meet for what becomes an epic duel. I found this interesting as I am a fan of Guru Dan. He was also a Kali instructor to my Muay Thai teacher.

You can see Filoni’s influence in this final showdown that takes its inspiration from old Samurai movies. The emotions and action is intense from both women and you can even see some anger from Ashoska! THIS is the fight I wanted to see between Anakin and Obi-wan in episode III: Revenge of the Sith!


Mando “the Father”


As a Father of two daughters, I could empathize with Mando when Ahsoka was testing Grogu. Even with his helmet on, you could see how much he wanted the kid to do well. And that excitement he showed when he was able to get Grogu to complete the feat Ahsoka wanted, just like a caring Father. Ahsoka could also see this and the connection the Mandalorian and the child have.

As a Father of two daughters, it was the scene where Mando was getting Grogu ready to pass onto Ahsoka, that pressed on my heart. I could feel the sadness from Mando and I shared it with him! Mando the Father… As it turned out, Ahsoka refused to be Grogu’s teacher and you could see the PTSD she still carries from the events of The Clone Wars and Anakin. You can feel the immediate joy in Mando as well as all of the fans not ready to say goodbye to the little guy!


Lang – played by Michael Biehn


Lang is the ruthless henchmen of Morgan Elsbeth and gives an intense performance in the episode. The actor, Michael Biehn, has experience playing intense military types. Many may recognize him as his role as Kyle Reese in the 1984 Terminator, or as Corporal Hicks from the 1986 film, Aliens. Biehn’s rough mercenary veteran is the perfect counter to Mando as they have (or had) similar philosophies. Too bad for Lang, as Mando is a different hunter now. Their confrontation ends like that of an old west shoot out!




Temple on Tython from Knights of the Old Republic MMO Game

After Ahsoka refuses to train Grogu, she does tell Mando that he may still be able to find a teacher from the planet Tython. In Star Wars lore, Tython is a historical place for Jedi where one of the first temples were built and is very important to all Jedi. It is here that Grogu will be able to use the Force and call out to the Jedi in the universe in the hopes that one will answer to train him. Could that Jedi be Luke Skywalker? After the Empire fell, Luke did go on to create a Jedi Academy, so it could be a possibility. Of course, in episode 7, we see how that turned out…could Grogu have escaped another slaughter?

In the end, I don’t think that it will be Luke that answers the call. As well as Filoni not having an interest for Luke in this role, it would certainly be hard to bring a 30 year old Mark Hamill to the screen.


Ahsoka’s Searching for Thrawn


Cover Illustration by Two Dots

After defeating Morgan is is revealed that Ahsoka is looking for Grand Admiral Thrawn and that Elsbeth knows where he is. Could Ahsoka be looking for Ezra who went missing on Thrawn’s ship at the end of the Star Wars Rebels series or has Thrawn become a warlord of some kind using the remnants of the Imperial forces? Will we get to see Thrawn in The Mandalorian or will that be saved for an Ahsoka Tano series?


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