“Tales From The 501st: Checkpoint” is a Comical Fan Film Following Two Scout Troopers on Patrol


“You’re representing the Empire! Have some self respect, man!”

From the creators of the fan film Bucketheads, comes the premiere episode of the comical, “Tales From The 501st: Checkpoint”.

“Tales From The 501st is a Star Wars anthology spin-off series we’ve created to explore all of our ideas we couldn’t fit into #Bucketheads. It’s not bound to any particular genre, characters or storyline.”

In the episode, we see a variety of comical events unfold for two Scouttroopers on patrol in the dessert of Tatooine, including a clash with Tusken Raiders, spotting a certain pair of droids and even a cameo from a certain bounty hunter. What makes the episode stand out is not the high production qualities or the authenticity of the costumes and props, but it is the interaction between the troopers.

An amusing and fun story! This fan film was great fun for me and I even found myself bursting with laughter at the gags!

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To see more, check out their official Youtube channel: Transmute Pictures

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