Hunt Down Your Bounty to, “The Mandalorian Rap” in This Fan Made Music Video


The Mandalorian Rap – THIS IS THE WAY

From rapper, Spitfire Sparks, comes a track inspired by the Disney+ hit series, The Mandalorian – THIS IS THE WAY.

Among the many Star Wars fan films created each year by the fandom, there are also a genre of Star Wars inspired music, which are some of my favorites to listen to. “The Mandalorian Rap” will definitely be going into my “gym music rotation”! The award winning music for the series by Ludwig Göransson, has contributed to the style and feel of The Mandalorian that helped to make it the worldwide success it has become and mixes well with an urban rap sound.

Check it out and let us know – “The Mandalorian Rap”, is it “THE WAY”?

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To learn more about Spitfire Sparks, visit his official Youtube.

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