“THIS IS THE WAY” to The Mandalorian Toy Fan Art


There is nothing more fun in Star Wars fan art than photographing Star Wars action figures in different creative scenes and Finnish photographer, Janne Mällinen aka:”Truupperi” is one of our favorite artists in the genre!

Who knew that actually taking the figure out of their packages could be so much fun? In our second feature of Janne Mällinen’s fan photos, the them is The Mandalorian!


“Calm down, Frank! No one is gonna stop us from making baby stew!”


“I’ve got a BAD feeling about this…”


“They mostly come out at night…mostly…”


“Could really use that Beskar armor right now!”


“Move over, metal head! I’m gonna show you how to fly this thing!”


“NO! My name is IG-11! I look nothing like IG-88!”


“Where was I all these years? You’ll see in the “Comic Book of Boba Fett”


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“On the count of 3…”


“Stop distracting Grogu from this important Jedi Christmas tree decorating lesson, please!”


“I call this Jedi move, the Electric Boogaloo!”


“Hello, there”


You can find the art of Truupperi on his Instagram page


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