Star Wars Reporter PODCAST #51: The Empire Strikes Back


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On episode 51 of the Star Wars Reporter PODCAST, we will be discussing George Lucas’ “The Empire Strikes Back”!

ESB takes place 3 years after our heroes destroyed the Death Star, continuing the adventure From the snow planet of Hoth, swamp of Dagobah to the city in the clouds.

Who we are:

The name Star Wars Reporter was inspired by the celebrity news site, “The Hollywood Reporter“. The idea was to become the “Hollywood Reporter of the Star Wars universe”. Luckily, the .Com was available! Along with reporting on the latest fandom news, the goal of the founders and staff is to deliver contests, giveaways, interviews, original content, videos and the upcoming PODCAST to round out our complete coverage.

Star Wars Reporter has a diverse group of writers that includes published authors, game designers, 501st Legion members and more! We look forward to the journey and hope that you journey with us! Email: