Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 10 “Common Ground” Review: It’s All About Trust.


This REVIEW will include SPOILERS!

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 10 “Common Ground” Review by Adam D. Slobodzian

This week’s episode was the closest thing we’ve seen to what could be called a “filler” episode. With that being said, there were three significant aspects of this episode that both gave us great character development and a deeper insight into the context of the Star Wars universe post-republic:

  1. Omega is developing her skills and identity as a cunning strategist both as an individual and as a valued member of the squad.
  2. The Bad Batch’s Republic ideology is being challenged by interacting with their former Clone War enemy, The Separatists, in direct relation to the new Galactic Empire. This allows them to see that their values are actually not as different as they may have previously thought.
  3. The Empire not only took over the former republic but has done what the former republic could not – overtake the separatists. Which brings Palpatine as close as you can get to total Galactic dictatorship.

In classic Clone Wars fashion, this episode takes a more political tone and opens with some important political background on Raxus where the Empire is addressing a crowd of people from a planet formerly part of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, or often referred to as the Separatists in the Clone Wars and Episode III. The Senator of Raxus, Avi Singh, is unsure about this new partnership as the representative of the Empire boasts that the desire of the Empire is to build a unified galaxy. Given the chance to address his people, the Senator of Raxus speaks out against the Imperial occupation and is taken hostage, along with his planet. This episode is set up quickly as after his capture, Senator Avi Singh’s droid CS-8 sends out a distress call for an extraction bounty which becomes the Bad Batch’s next high paying mission.

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Back to the Bad Batch, we see the Batch grapple with the competing needs of more money to pay off their debt, and to keep a low profile to ensure Omega’s safety. When Cid informs the Batch of their mission to rescue a former Separatist Senator, they struggle to come to terms with a mission that helps a former separatist. It is clear that this mission, like many things that have happened so far, is in conflict with the values that they have held during the Clone Wars and their purpose for fighting in the Clone Wars. While Echo continues to voice his displeasure with aiding a separatist, Hunter desires not to make the mission politically charged. It is clear from the opening of the episode that this mission will challenge the political ideologies of the former clone troopers and have them questioning their beliefs about their former enemies and the current Empire.

On their mission The Batch successfully infiltrates Raxulon, and right before the Senator is about to be interrogated, Hunter, Tech, and GS-8 intervene and escape onto a tank with the rest of the Batch. This leads to a fun tank chase through the streets of Raxulon, where the Crew makes their escape through the city tunnels to their ship, and back to Cid’s bar.

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During their mission, Omega was left behind under the watch of Cid for her protection, who gives her an overly pessimistic pep-talk about being the “helpless” member of the squad. After this talk, we see Omega display her strategic prowess by critiquing Cid’s moves in a game of Dejarik, which Cid then realizes can be a useful way of making extra money. At the end of this episode we get to see Omega successfully pay off the debt of the crew with her Dejarik skills, and we get another nice scene between Hunter and Omega who make a bet that if Omega can beat Hunter in a game, she will no longer have to sit out on missions.

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Trust was a key theme of this episode as the Batch struggle to trust the Senator’s droid who has hired them for this mission, they struggle to trust Cid who is looking after Omega, and they also struggle to trust the Separatist Senator who is aiding them in their escape. We also get more indication of Omega’s valued place on the team as Hunter forgets Omega is not with the squad and makes plans assuming she is with them. This shows that Hunter has a level of trust for Omega which he may not have even realized he had.

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What Next?

An Open-Minded Bad Batch? With the Bad Batches core beliefs being continuously challenged in the wake of the Empire, and with their direct interaction with a former Separatist, will this lead to the soldiers having a more open mind about their former enemies?

The Liberation of Raxus – With Senator Avi Singh now with Cid and the Bad Batch, is this setting up an arc that will have the Senator employ the Bad Batch to help him liberate the people of Raxus from the Empire?

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Stand Out Scenes

Tank Chase Through the Streets – seeing the Batch escape through the streets in a tank was very fun, and had major Naboo vibes.

The Batch Returning to Cid’s Bar – seeing Omega dominate Dejarik and pay off the Batch’s debt was a fun way to have her contribute to the crew despite not being present with them on the mission. Also, it’s always fun to see a game of Dejarik being played, ever since we were introduced to the game on the Millennium Falcon in A New Hope!

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