Vintage Star Wars Toy Commercials: A Galaxy of Memories

As a Star Wars fan since 1977, some of the fondest memories I have growing up were the many adventures that unfolded in my backyard with my favorite Kenner Star Wars toys.

For Star Wars fans and fans of vintage toys, check out the Netflix series, “The Toys that Made us” to see the history of the Kenner line of toys. It’s a fascinating look at how the toys came together and changed the future of movie merchandise.

Since connecting with my childhood friend and NOW Star Wars Reporter podcast contributor, “Trooper Todd”, last year these memories have become greater in my mind. Todd owned ALL the Kenner Star Wars figures, The Millennium Falcon, Jabba Playset and more – AND he still owns them to this day! Luckily, his parents were smart and wouldn’t allow us to play with his toys outside. This is the main reason as to why they are still around today, and with their original weapons!

This is the second article we’ve posted covering the vintage commercials, but there are so many great memories that it couldn’t all fit into one article.

The scenarios played out by the children in these commercials were an engaging thrill for kids like me watching them that mirrored exactly how it played out in real life. Whenever one of these commercials appeared on the TV, I would come running in at full speed to watch the battles unfold! (and to get some ideas of my own)

Here are MORE of my favorites.

Star Wars Collection 1978 Kenner Toy Commercial

It is hard to imagine the actual actors from a blockbuster film like this to take part in such promotions for their film. This seemed to be common back in the 1970’s and 80’s. And while awesome to see, it may not be all that good especially when you think of the celebrity involvement in the Star Wars Holiday Special – Yikes!


Star Wars Vintage Kenner Creature Cantina Playset

One of the most iconic scenes in the film, this is one of the many playsets that was made available for kids to re-enact their favorite moment from Mos Eisley. So kids, WHO SHOT FIRST?


Star Wars Vintage KENNER Commercial – Death Star Space Station

This was the only playset that I received growing up. I remember fondly playing with this with my buddy “Trooper Todd” in my kitchen. It’s amazing what a child’s imagination can do with a cardboard and plastic prop! My parents didn’t have the same rules for my toys as Todd’s did and, of course, this toys was slowly destroyed over time…


Star Wars Vintage KENNER Commercial – Boba Fett Mailaway Promotion

This was a unique and brilliant merchandising promotion. Something I always wanted to do but never had the patience (and I was a dumb kid) to save up my proof of purchases to get any of these “specials deals”. I regret that now seeing as how much a Boba Fett action figure is worth today. Who am I kidding, I would have lost or broken him back then.


1978 Star Wars – Millenium Falcon Kenner Commercial

Although I loved my adventures with my X-Wing and “Farmboy” Luke Skywalker figure, the one toy that was the Holy Grail that I never received was the Falcon. That was ok, I got to play with Todd’s Millennium Falcon. That’s the same, right?


Star Wars Imperial At-At Toy Commercial – Kenner – 1981

This was one of those toys that amazed me. The size of the toy and how you controlled the neck and guns seemed incredible.


Wampa Kenner Star Wars Empire Strikes Back RARE Original Cut Commercial Vintage Tauntaun

I loved the Taun Tauns! Of course the scene in which Han cut one open to save Luke’s life horrified me as a kid but, it’s fun to do with the toy version. Check out the behind the scenes with Mark Hamill in this video from Pop Culture Quest.


Star Wars Vintage KENNER Commercial – Jabba The Hutt Action Playset

From my favorite Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi, this was another set that Todd owned that I loved. Jabba and the trouble the heroes got into, especially Luke’s evasion of the Rancor, was a favorite and stressful memory of mine that I loved to play out with this toy.


Star Wars Vintage KENNER Commercial – Ewok Village Playset

I LOVE THE EWOKS. For all those that don’t love the Ewoks – you are wrong. While I wasn’t on the hunt for this then, in my older nostalgia age today, I wouldn’t pass this up! Now…to justify this purchase to my wife…


Star Wars Vintage KENNER Commercial – X-Wing Aces Game

That’s right kids! Before the age of X-Box, Playstation and Nintendo, THESE were the “video games” we had to play with. At the time, they were amazing! The ability to playout a battle against the Empire was thrilling! Such as it is to look back on it now.



Star Wars Vintage KENNER Commercial – Droids Collection

I never owned any of these but, I did enjoy the Droids cartoon. It’s not like the advanced animation we have today with The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels but, it did come out at a time when Star Wars was “over”. So to be able to see anything Star Wars on TV was amazing! It did have a great concept that looked at a non-epic storyline that focused on the normal lives in the Star Wars galaxy through the adventures of our two favorite droids.


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