On This Day in Star Wars History 1980: Mark Hamill Appears on The Muppet Show

Back in the 70’s and 80’s The Muppets were at the peak of popularity. Jim Henson’s diverse puppet family made its way into the homes of millions every week with its own unique family entertainment. There was no shortage of celebrities of the day wanting to appear on this very popular show in order to show a more light and fun side.

On February 23, 1980, my favorite Jedi made his debut on the show! I remember watching Mark Hamill appear as Luke Skywalker in this episode as a kid and couldn’t wait to talk to my friends the next day! Check out a sample of Hamill’s performance in the videos below.

Here is the famous opening from the classic Muppet variety show. Here, you would find out who was going to be the celebrity guest.

Of course, there is no way Hamill could avoid his Star Wars roots on the show as he takes part in an episode of, Pigs in Space

Showing a more silly side, here is a short musical clip of Angus McGonagle & Mark Hamill

No Muppet Show would be complete with the many fun dance numbers. In this clip, see the dance moves of Chewbacca, C3P0, R2D2 and of course, Luke Skywalker (aka: Mark Hamill)

This may seem all silly today, but variety shows were a big thing and nothing brought the family together more than an evening with The Muppets. Not only were the skits and gags entertaining to kids and parents but it was also great fun to see famous celebrities as themselves and not a character or persona they play in movies.

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