Before Star Wars, Remember When Mark Hamill Was on That TV Show…

While listening to an interview with Mark Hamill on the Adam Carolla Show, Mark had mentioned that he was on an episode of the 1970’s tv show, The Partridge Family. I don’t remember much about the show, as I was a little to young to remember, but I had to check it out! I love seeing my favorite celebrities and their work before they became famous for the roles that made them huge stars.

While watching the video below, I noticed the other television shows and commercials that my favorite actor/person/role model, Mark Hamill appeared in before Star Wars. I included a few of my favorites below along with a “BONUS” video from after Star Wars in 1978.

The Partridge Family


Eight is Enough (1977-81) – Pilot With Mark Hamill


Mark Hamill loses it in “Eric” (1975)


I debated posting this video, for obvious reasons, as it included Bill Cosby in the clip but I loved seeing Mark throwing punches at a giant man! It felt like a Rocky vs. Drago moment. “I will break you!”


I love Mark but as a Father of two daughters and scenarios like this being a nightmare I am not looking forward to, I am not sure I would NOT have been as calm as the parent in this commercial from 1971.


A very short clip from NightGallery episode “Last Of The MacBanes”

Released in 1978, this film starring Mark Hamill and Annie Potts is the “Earth bound” adventure that Mark embarked on after the global success of Star Wars: A New Hope. It follows the adventure of a highschool boy trying to reclaim the stolen corvette that his shop class built. He doesn’t use the Force, but instead, is helped by a “working girl” portrayed by Annie Potts. The film may be dated but it is great fun to watch, and when I was a kid watching this for the first time – it was magical! Perhaps I was too young to watch this at the time…

Corvette Summer Trailer (1978)


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