A “Star Wars Toy Story” with Photographer Truupperi


What does a talented photographer do with his Star Wars toys?

One of our favorite Star Wars toy photographers, Janne Mallinen aka: Truupperi, is back with more of his unique and fun photographs featuring action figures from a galaxy far, far away.

I am amazed by the creativity and skill used in bringing these scenes to life using elaborate sets and Hasbro toys!

The following are some of our favorites. To see more photos from Truupperi, visit his Instagram and Facebook pages.

“Wow! Delivering Easter eggs in this place is rough!”
“I love Hoth! Its so safe and peaceful. A place I can settle down on”
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Boba: “OMG OMG OMG Is that Luke Skywalker?” Fennec: “Shoot him!”
“The Itholorian”
“You will bring me a CHIMICHANGA”
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“Say hello to my little friend!”
“Gonk. Gonk. Gonk ko kyenga see” [Google to know more]
Bartender: “We dont serve their kind!” Luke” “Droids?” Bartender: “No, LEGO Droids!”
“I’m loving the yoga poses Grogu but, can we focus on the Force for now?”
“If you’re looking for droids, there’s a shop 2 blocks that way”
Boba: “Look Solo, since I’ve taken my helmet off I’m a changed man.” Fennec: “Shoot first!”
“Wasn’t ME! Wait, is that Putin on that poster?”
Ewok: “What! No Stormtrooper flavor?!”
“Are we the bad guys?”


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