“Yub Nub”: Win a Part of the Return of the Jedi History


Yub Nub!

Want to own part of the Return of the Jedi history? The Mini Museum is giving you a chance with their latest giveaway!

From the press release:

The annual “May the Fourth” celebration of all things Star Wars just got a little more special with the giveaway of a real Ewok foot. Yes, you read that right and no, it’s not a Jedi mind trick. This foam puppet foot is a real prop from the set of Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi and it will soon be part of one lucky person’s collection.

For nearly a decade, Mini Museum has shared historical and scientific treasures with people in more than 120 countries. Mini Museum’s collection spans billions of years of history, but this unique piece of film history caught the acquisition’s team eye; it’s not every day you find an artifact from a galaxy far, far away. Many of the Mini Museum team members are ex-ThinkGeek staff as well, so Star Wars history is always a welcome find.

“Our mission is to share science and history with as many people as possible,” said Jamie Grove, Mini Museum Co-Founder and author of Relics: A History of the World Told in 133 Objects. “But Jedi holds a special place in our geeky hearts, and honestly, this foot is just too cute.”

“Plus, having an Ewok’s foot is good luck,” adds Max Grove, the co-author of Relics. “Or at least, it’ll help with your aim. Talking to you, Stormtrooper.

Many tiny Ewok feet were made for the production and were used to create the full Ewok puppets seen in the film. Only a few have survived to make it into public hands, so this piece that has passed from the Star Wars prop team to Mini Museum is a rare find. Like similar props, this foot is unpainted and has some wear from production use and age, but it is still easily identifiable as one of the furry friends from Endor.”

To make sure this Ewok goes to a good home, any Star Wars fan who places an order from May 4th to May 6th with code “EWOK” will be entered into a random drawing to receive the foot. This is an amazing chance to own a one-of-a-kind piece of Star Wars history that is the ultimate piece of a super fan’s collection.

The Ewok foot isn’t Mini Museum’s first foray into Star War artifacts either; they have another film relic that’s available for anyone, the Krayt Dragon vertebra specimen. This specimen is a piece of the prop skeleton seen on Tatooine in A New Hope, which comes in a glass topped display case with a photo card and certificate of authenticity. It’s the perfect May the Fourth item and a great way to enter the draw.

The Ewok Foot contest is live from today until this Friday and you can find more details here: https://shop.minimuseum.com/ewok