7 Amazing Star Wars Tattoos with a Nordic Theme


“These are the tattoos you’re looking for”

I love Star Wars fan art.

I am fascinated by the immense talent in the fan art community and feel that it adds to the strength of the fandom.

There are many categories of fan art and they are all compelling but there is one type of fan art that has been interesting to me recently is tattoo art. It says alot about your fandom commitment of getting a permanent picture placed on your body! For years I have wanted a tattoo and have yet to get one. I just can’t decide on what I want – thanks ADD! In my search for the perfect Star Wars tattoo, I discovered an artist that combined two of my fandom loves – Star Wars and Nordic culture.

BROC Ó DIOLÚIN, aka “Badger King Tattoo”, from Sacred Knot Tattoo in Wales, has created tattoos that use characters and scenes from Star Wars with a medieval/norse art style. The art style is a perfect combination of that “Viking” style with our favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away!

Here are a selection of Broc’s Star Wars themed tattoos. To see more, visit his Facebook and Instagram.


Luke and the Rancor


Black Krrsantan


Vader: The Pain Within


Wampa slashing time!
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Only days after posting the art, someone got this tattoo! #Ewoks4Life




“When I left you, I was but the learner. Now I am the master.”


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