Star Wars Themed Videos to “FORCE” Out Your Holiday Spirit


“A Merry Christmas, you will have!”

With all the stress and bustling during the holiday season, we need to ensure that we take the time to relax and enjoy and what better way, other than filling up on eggnog an yummy treats, is to unwind with some fun Christmas themed Star Wars songs and parodies.

Here are some of our favorite videos!

“Darth Santa”

Move over Krampus, there’s a NEW Christmas terror! This is a hilarious Star Wars meets the Grinch parody with an ending that will remind you of Anakin in the Jedi Temple in Episode 3.


Silent Night by Chewbacca

Nothing is more soothing to the ears than hearing a Christmas song rendition from our favorite Wookiee! Only the real Star Wars fan will make it to the end!


Spike TV Star Wars Holiday Commercial

Along with the numerous Star Wars movie marathons that Spike would show on their channel, but they also had some of the best and funniest Star Wars promotions, including this amazing Stormtrooper melody! This might be the first time the Stormtroopers “hit the target”!


Best of Star Wars Christmas Light Show

I would LOVE to do this to my own home but I am pretty sure my (non-NERD) wife would smother me in my sleet! This is amazing dedication and patience for those Star Wars fans celebrating the holiday.


R2-D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Here is a classic that is fun for kids. Who better to take us along on a Star Wars jingle than our favorite droids, C3P0 and R2D2?


Star Wars:The Mandalorian Theme Christmas Carol of The Bells

We can’t forget our favorite Mandalorian and Child for the holidays! Too bad we didn’t get some singing from the pair, especially the adorable Grogu.

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Star Wars Christmas Parade

Replace the scary Hoth battle between Rebel Speeders and Imperial walkers with a Christmas theme and you get a very festive experience.


A LEGO Star Wars Christmas

LEGO has become an amazing asset to the Star Wars sagas with their incredible playsets, games and animated features, not only from the official LEGO company but from many talented fan film creators. This is one such fan film.


The Star Wars Holiday Special – “Happy Life Day” (1978)

It was impossible for me to leave out this video from the (in)famous Star Wars Holiday Special. For those of you to cowardly to experience the entire special (HERE), I have included the finale song as sung by Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher – Happy Life Day!


What holiday themed Star Wars video is your favorite? Did we miss it? LEAVE A COMMENT.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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