The Bad Batch Episode 4: “Now this is (not) Podracing!”

January 20, 2023 Star Wars Reporter 0

This episode was a massive change of pace from last week’s episode that featured a group of characters that, outside of Omega, haven’t been highlighted as much in the past. While the intensity and emotional depth of the episode may have been vastly different from last week’s episode, that doesn’t mean it was any less exciting!

“The Batch is Back!” Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 Premiere Review

January 9, 2023 Star Wars Reporter 0

On the season 1 finale, we saw the Empires destruction of Kamino and the fall of the Clone’s home world, an almost reunion with Crosshair, the Empire escorting Kaminoan scientist Nala Se to a secret imperial facility built into a mountain. Upon landing in the facility, Nala Se is greeted by and Imperial Scientist, who reveals they have big plans for her “Scientific Talents.”