The Bad Batch Episode 6: Gungi is Back!


Star Wars the Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 6 Tribe Review by Darth Slobo

This was an awesome episode that had a very Star Wars feel. Again, some fans may be disappointed with what could be considered another “filler” episode, but I enjoyed this for what it was—another great episode of the Bad Batch where we got to see a fan favorite character, and a fan favorite species!

I give the episode 9 Wookiee Roars out of 10.

An Overview of episode 6: TRIBE

We open with the batch flying to a space station, the Marauder, that seems to be operated by a criminal droid organization referred to as the Vangaard Axis. The Batch is there to deliver a set of forged credentials to the organization that it sounds like Tech himself had crafted. Omega has a bad feeling about the delivery, and just as she voices her concern, in the distance we hear a Wookiee cry.

These droids mean business, as they are detaining a Wookiee. And guess who it is, GUNGI IS BACK, we were teased of his return in the trailers, and now we get to see our favorite Wookie Jedi, who seems to be having a bit of a run in with the Vangaard Axis. As Omega comes to the aid of Gungi, the Batch end up getting in an altercation with the droids and who inform the Batch they are to deliver the Wookiee to a buyer alive… Which begs the question: WHO IS AFTER GUNGI? As Gungi retrieves his light saber from the droids, the Bad Batch and Gungi make their escape from the Marauder. On Clone Force 99’s ship we see the Wookiee skeptical of the troopers because of what the clones did to Jedi during Order 66.

We also get an interesting interaction where the Bad Batch is attempting to understand and communicate with the Wookiee in his native language, and we find out that Gungi is looking to return to his home world: Kashyyk.

At this point there is classic Star Wars vibes as the Batch set a course for Kashyyk to take Gungi back to his home world. As the batch makes their way through the forests of Kashyyk they find themselves trapped in Kinrath nest as Gungi informs them not to threaten the creatures and they will not harm them. Gungi has clearly been keeping up with his training because he is seeming more like a Jedi knight and less like a Padawan like when we last saw him. As Tech informs them that the Wookiee village is up ahead, we see clouds of smoke then the village in ashes.

We also see Trandoshians capturing Wookiees and destroying the territory with tanks and flame throwers. As the Batch makes their way closer, Gungi takes control to save a captive Wookiee from Trandoshians. As the batch puts out the fire, Wookiees come in riding interesting looking creatures, Mylaya, to take the group back to a village.

They bring Gungi back to his people.

The Trandoshians and Imperial Clones inspect the damage from the scuffle, they make note of the lightsaber marks, and the Trandoshians prioritize the hunt for the Jedi Wookiee. The Bad Batch and Wookiees plot their course of action as the Wookiees look to the trees and the nature of the planet to help them come up with a plan. The convoy closes in to the Wookiee village and the Batch and Wookiees are well prepared as they ambush the tanks. We see Wrecker fit right in with the Wookiees as he practices his own Wookiee battle cry taking out tanks.

In the midst of the battle the Trandoshian leader spots the Gungi the chase for the Jedi begins. Omega notices the hunt and pursues from a distance. The Trandoshian leader and Gungi face off in the jungle and the Trandoshian sets a blazing circle with his flame thrower and Gungi enters in what looks to be an interesting duel. As Gungi gets ready to strike down his enemy in revenge, he is saved by the Kinrath who come down and web the Trandoshian, taking him back to their nest.

The Wookiees win the day as they go back to their village and take in Gungi. The Episode ends with the Wookiee Elder and Hunter observing Gungi and Omega interact and comment on the cruel world these two are forced to grow up in.

Stand out Scenes

Gungi is Back!

Our favorite Wookiee Jedi from the Clone Wars Animated Series is back in a BIG way as the Batch travel to Kashyyk to rescue and return the Jedi to his people. The last time we saw Gungi he was a young Padawan finding his Kyber crystal and building his lightsaber with Ashoka Tano. Now he seems like a more hardened Jedi that can hold his own in battle.

While we did get to see Gungi in full action, it seems as though his actions at some points in the episode were emotionally driven, especially for revenge against that Trandoshians, as he fought to save Wookies from captivity. At one point the Kinraths (The giant spider like aliens on Kashyyk) saved the Wookiee Jedi from executing his revenge on the Trandoshian leader.

Droid run Criminal Operation

The Vangard Axis at the beginning of the episode was a fascinating sequence and introduction a new criminal faction of the Star Wars underworld, an entirely droid run criminal operation from a space station. It was a cool concept and an introduction to a neat new group that I hope we get to see more of in future Star Wars content.