The Bad Batch is “One Man Short” in Episode 9: “The Crossing”

Star Wars the Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 9: “The Crossing” by Darth Slobo

This was an interesting episode as we see the members of the Batch off on another mission while they cope with the effects of Echo leaving in different ways. Again, the episode ends with Batch worse off than they were before, as they struggle to catch a break with the loss of their ship. This was a very dark episode, not in terms of theme, but of actual lighting. For much of the cave sequence it was difficult to tell what was going on.

While the discussion between members of the Batch was interesting at time, the episode was very different than the mid-season event that happened last week.

Overall this episode gets 5 Ipsium vials out of 10.

Stand out Scenes

One man short.

The loss of echo is really felt in the opening of this episode as the work among members of the batch is not easily distributed and they seem to be scrambling with how to distribute the work. We also see the members of the Batch handling Echo’s exit in very different ways as Omega is clearly upset with how the other members of the Batch are processing the loss of a squad member.

Episode Summary

We open with a classic shot of the Batch’s ship landing on a desert like planet that looks similar to Geonosis with Spaghetti Western-Style music playing as the Batch make their way to the entrance of a mine that Sid had purchased. The Batch’s task is to excavate Ipsium, a dangerous mineral. Hunter seems concerned with the environment, both for potential poachers and the bad weather in the distance, as we see an onlooker examine the Batch from a distance.

Again, it looks like the Batch are scavenging for any type of job they can get.

In the mine Tech finds some of the glowing mineral and the need , and requires Omega to fit in the mine’s tight spaces and retrieve the mineral. Outside the mine a lone poacher makes off with the Batch’s ship as they are clearly feeling the outcome of being a man down with Echo departing last episode.

With a case of the mineral, and now no ship, the Batch must make their way to the nearest town to find a new mode of transportation. As the Batch make their way through a canyon on the desert plane to the nearest space port, a stampede of alien like deer, as well as poor weather, make their journey especially difficult. In the canyon, the Batch find another mine hide in to escape the storm, but as they make their way to it they drop the ipsium, which is ignited by lightning from the storm. This causes the cave to collapse and trap them in.

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Things just don’t seem to be clicking for the Batch this week as they face setback after setback, being short handed. As the Batch discuss their lack of ship, we see a difference between how Tech views their ship—as a means of transportation—vs. how Omega views their ship—their home. This makes sense as Omega has never really had a home or family for an extended period of time, with the loss of Kamino having a big impact on her, as we saw last week.

The loss of Echo is hard for Omega to handle as she takes it as though she has lost a brother as Tech’s rational explanations do little to console her. Omega storms off on her own and explores the cave. On her own, Omega notices a light that leads to a treasure trove of ipsum. As Hunter, Wrecker, and Tech continue clearing rocks, they task Tech with going to find Omega and making up for his comments that irritated her. Tech finds Omega beginning her extraction of the Ipsium she found, and assists her with her task. On the last vile, Omega reaches a little too far and falls into the cave so Tech jumps right in after her. They fall to a fast-flowing underground river that takes them away. Hunter realizes something is wrong as goes to search for the pair. Omega and Tech find themselves in an underwater pool that is filled with ipsium… and a way out.

As Hunter and Wrecker make contact with Tech and Omega, Tech directs them on what to do. While they are waiting for Hunter and Wrecker to arrive, Tech and Omega have a deep conversation about Echo leaving and Omega challenges Tech’s perspective on family and change. Tech reveals that while he respects both Echo and Crosshair for making their own decisions to leave their squad, he still feels the effects though he doesn’t outwardly display them as Omega does. This seems to satisfy Omega’s previous disappointment, and they finish up their conversation, Wrecker and Hunter meet up with them. They use some of their Ipsium that was extracted by Omega and Tech to blow a hole in the cave wall and make their way to the spaceport which is now in sight.

The episode ends with the Batch making their way to the spaceport, which has long been abandoned, and they make contact with Cid who is reluctant to help them out.

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