A Past Revealed in The Mandalorian Chapter 20, “The Foundling”


“One doesn’t speak, unless one knows”

In this week’s episode, “The Foundling” directed by Carl Weathers, the story explores more of the Mandalorian culture and the importance of foundlings within their society. We are treated to a flashback memory of the child during the events of Order 66 and who was responsible for his escape from the Jedi Temple.

There is so much excitement and story to discuss, but we narrowed it down to our 6 favorite stand-out scenes.


Foundlings play a significant role the episode. In the episode, we learn that the Foundlings are highly valued by the Mandalorian people, as they represent the future of their culture and are believed to have great potential. The Mandalorian takes it upon himself to protect a foundling that he is tasked with delivering to a group of bounty hunters, leading to many adventures and challenges. The concept of foundlings adds depth and meaning to the story, importance of found family and the bonds that can be formed between strangers.

The Armorer explains this importance to Bo-Katan as a priority of the covert. I feel that this bond and love gives the Mandalorians a strong foundation and depth. Without this, how can a society thrive? We can see this in the scenes of training as well as their immediate engagement in the rescue of Randor.

Kelleran Beq

Ahmed Best, (The Phantom Menace), returns to Star Wars as Jedi Kelleran Beq!

In the memory of Grogu, we see that it was Beq, using fancy dual lightsaber skills and the help of a Naboo Security Force and ship that helped the child escape from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. I can’t wait to see where his story with Grogu leads!

Although Best played Beq on the Disney+ game show for kids, “Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge”, and a Beq in the animated “Attack of the Clones,” I consider this live action appearance his glorious return.

“Come with me if you want to live”


It is time for “the child” to grow up.

We had seen Grogu grow in the Force with Luke Skywalker and his wisdom and bravery when he retrieved Bo-Katan to help Din Djarin on Mandalore, but it is time to put aside childish things and advance in his Mandalorian training. With pressure from his Dad, Grogu is entered into a challenge against another foundling. It felt very much like a parent throwing a kid into the lake to help them learn to swim, and this training style perfectly embodies the Mandalorians’ style. Grogu wins his challenge against another foundling using the Force skills he learned. Later on, as Grogu and the Armorer talk in the forge, he is presented with his own beskar chestplate adorned with the same Mudhorn logo as Din. So cute!

I am unsure where the Children of the Watch stand on the Jedi but, I wish the show would explore their prejudice regarding the Jedi and Grogu. It would make a great story arc of Grogu winning over his covert and being accepted as a Mandalorian and a Jedi. Maybe we’ll see this when encountering other Mandalorian coverts?

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Bo-Katan’s Plan

Bo-Katan is a complex and compelling character who continues to intrigue this season with her motivations and secret plan.

Although she is warming up to the rules and creed of the Children of the Watch and proving herself in the planning of the foundling rescue, she has her own plans for regaining her power and ruling Mandalore.

While the Armorer created new shoulder armor for the piece she lost, Bo-Katan asks for the Mythosaur image to be placed on it, not her Night Owl. This shows her continued plan to use the taming of the slumbering beast in the Living Waters as the tool to regain her control. Could her asking for the Mythosaur image on her armor be part of the plan to show her “claim” to lead and unite her people, or is she starting to respect the old ways and creed? I think the Armorer might see through these plans.

The Armorer

We usually see a stoic and measured Armorer in the series, but in this episode, a nurturing and warm matriarch is displayed, especially when dealing with Grogu.

Her demeanor and speech softened when speaking with the child as it shows her understanding of how young he is and that he needs a different approach. She also sees something special in him as he could be the second Mandalorian Jedi in the history of the Mandalorians. She helps the growth of Grogu by teaching him about the history of their people and the significance of the forge and creates his own beskar chestplate.

As we see more Mandalorian culture and the different aspects of the covert, we learn more about the history of the Armorer and her love for her people.

Father and Son Dynamic

As a father of two daughters, this part of the episode resonated most with me.

The father and son dynamics in Star Wars are an important part of the franchise’s storyline. Anakin Skywalker’s change from a “chosen one” Jedi to the evil Sith Lord, Darth Vader deeply affected his son, Luke Skywalker. Luke’s journey to becoming a Jedi and his relationship with his father is a central theme in the original trilogy. The eventual redemption of Darth Vader and his selfless sacrifice to save his son further highlights the significance of the father-son bond in the Star Wars universe.

This dynamic continues to be explored in The Mandalorian. In the episode, Din continues Grogu’s training as he throws the foundling into a challenge. Not to be hard on him but, as Bo-Katan says to Grogu, because “he’s proud” of him. When Din interacts with Grogu in the series, we can feel the love of a Father through that helmet.

The same can be said with Paz. It is revealed that the foundling, Randor, that was snatched by the flying beast, is Paz Vizsla’s son. You can see his visible panic when trying to save his son from the nest as well as his relief and love when Randor is returned to him by Din.


Clone Troopers – Order 66

During Grogu’s flashback to the events of Order 66 and his escape, we see more of the relentless assault of the Clone Troopers on the Jedi and the Jedi Temple. In the opening part, we see the Clones break through the door, and I thought we would surely see Anakin come through those doors with them—missed opportunity but still action-filled and intense.


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