“Yub Nub!” – 5 Fun Facts About Ewoks


I love the Ewoks.

The Ewoks are the small and furry residents of the forest moon of Endor, first appearing in the 1983 film, “Return of the Jedi”. Their cute appearance may have added some controversy with the fandom considering them only a merchandise gimmick, but I see them as a strong and fun addition to the story. The Ewoks played a significant role in the final battle. With their bravery and rustic ingenuity, they overcame their size and lack of advanced technology to help the Rebel Alliance defeat the Empire. It is another “David and Goliath” story that proves there is always “hope”, and is that not what the Rebellion has always been driven by?

Here are five fun facts about the Ewoks:

1. Ewoks are expert hunters and warriors

Ewoks are fierce fighters and amazing hunters. They use primitive weapons such as spears, slingshots, and bolas, as well as skills in setting traps. In Return of the Jedi, they defeated the much larger and better-armed Imperial Stormtroopers through their superior tactics and knowledge of the forest.

2. Ewoks have a unique language

The Ewok language, known as Ewokese, is a series of chirps, clicks, and growls. It was created by Ben Burtt, the sound designer for the Star Wars films, who also created the sounds of R2-D2 and Chewbacca. Ewokese is not fully developed but, it does have its own grammar and rules.

3. Ewoks are deeply connected to nature

They live in harmony with the forest and are connected to their natural world. They worship a deity known as the “Spirit of the Forest,” and their homes and villages are built into the trees. They have a strong respect for the balance of nature and skilled in the forest.

4. Ewoks are skilled engineers

Despite their primitive appearance, Ewoks have impressive engineering skills. They constructed elaborate traps and weapons using materials found in the forest, such as logs, vines, and rocks. They also built gliders and hang gliders to aid them in battle.

5. Ewoks love music and celebration

Ewoks are known for their love of music and dance. They celebrate victories and special occasions with elaborate festivals featuring drums, horns, and other instruments made from natural materials. In Return of the Jedi, they throw a huge party to celebrate the defeat of the Empire and the destruction of the Death Star.

What do YOU think about the Ewoks? Heroes of the Rebellion or merchandise gimmick? LEAVE A COMMENT!

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