Battle for Nevarro in The Mandalorian Chapter 21, “The Pirate”


“But from experience, it often takes a new perspective before one is able to see the light.” – Elia Kane

The full force of the Mandalorians has finally emerged this season in Chapter 21: “The Pirate.”

There are so many things to be excited about in the latest episode – Old friends return, pirates, intrigue, a battle for freedom, and so much more but we broke it down to our 7 favorite moments.

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PIRATES! “Yo, Ho, Ho”

The pirate king, Gorian Shard, returns with his band of scallywags and want revenge against Nevarro. Did anyone else notice the similarity between Shard and his Ugnaught shipmate to Captain Hook and Mr. Smee from Peter Pan?

Captain Shard had a reputation for being merciless and would stop at nothing to achieve his goals, resorting to violence and deception to get what he wants. We see this in chapter 21 as he terrorizes the Nevarro people. His steps up this cruelty when his defeat at the hands of the Mandalorians is inevitable and turns his ship to attack the people below directly. His character added an exciting element of danger and intrigue to the Mandalorian’s already action-packed storyline.

“Pew Pew!”

After episodes of building the story, we finally get to see the Mandalorians do what they do best – FIGHT!

In the episode, the Mandalorians display their amazing tactical and battle prowess as they attack the pirates that occupy Navarro from the air and the ground. Bo-Katan leads the plan that will have Din use his N-1 fighter to distract the pirate corsair ship away from the city, while Bo-Katan will then fly over and drop in the rest of the Mandalorians. This was the scene we’ve been waiting for! The perspective of the Mandalorians dropping into the city was pure fantasy! And their coordinated maneuvers through the city, including the heavy repeating blaster of Paz Vizsla and the hammer assault from the Armorer, added to the intensity of the battle. These scenes are followed up by the flying skills of Din and Bo-Katan as they take out the less impressive pirate fighters and eventually take down the main pirate ship itself. The visuals and action in the episode were among the best in the series, and we can’t wait for more!

Carson Teva – Adelphi Ranger

I was very excited to see Paul Sun-Hyung Lee return to the series as Captain Carson Teva, my favorite Adelphi Ranger! Not to mention, I am a huge fan of anything that Paul Sun-Hyung Lee is in! Can we expect an official Hasbro Black Series of Captain Teva to release?

Teva plays a prominent role in the episode as he takes charge of getting help for the citizens of Nevarro by first requesting aid from the Republic and, when rejected by the stagnant bureaucracy of the government, tracks down Din Djarin and the other Mandalorians to deliver Greef Karga’s message. Teva is an experienced veteran and knowledgeable of the happenings in the galaxy. Although firm in following the rule of law, Teva has no problem taking things into his own hands and disobeying orders, he feels are not right. This is what makes him a great leader. He seems to be working outside standard protocol and investigating rumors, such as the rumor that Moff Gideon did not make it to trial but escaped. And at the end of the episode, Teva comes across a vital discovery in a space wreckage that shows evidence of the rumors and his theories. This means we will see more Carson Teva in the series as he battles against the Republic bureaucrats and investigates these mysteries further, which makes me happy. Now, when are Jon and Dave going to create an “Adelphi Rangers” spin-off?

Zeb Returns

Zeb Orrelios makes his live-action debut in the episode.

Fans will know that Zeb’s design, whose species is Lasat, was based on the Ralph McQuarrie concept art for Chewbacca. Zeb first appeared in the animated series Star Wars Rebels, voiced by Steve Blum, and is known for his strength and combat skills, especially with his signature bo-rifle. We see him at the Adelphi HQ cantina in a flight suit. Let’s hope we get to see him in future episodes. Will his appearance in The Mandalorian be another connection to a future Star Wars series such as Ahsoka or a yet-planned Star Wars Rebels live-action series? It is exciting to see how Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are expanding and incorporating the Star Wars universe, pulling it all together!

Zeb in the animated series, “Star Wars Rebels”

Elia Kane (G-68)

Elia is DEVIOUS!

Elia Kane, played by Katy M. O’Brian, returns and we see her working as an administrator for the Republic when Carson Teva goes to see Colonel Tuttle regarding Nevarro. As Teva pleads with Tuttle, she inserts herself into the conversation to give “advice” on the situation. She is definitely a spy and working for (the escaped) Moff Gideon. I love how she goes from acting naive and innocent to moments of her dark Imperial perspectives, all under the notice of Republic officials. It is these skills that make us understand one of the reasons why the First Order was able to rise from the remnants of the Empire. While the actress may disagree with the term “villain,” I think that Kane has become a tremendous villainous addition to Star Wars canon, and I look forward to what sneaky thing she does next.

Elia Kane is DEVIOUS!


This season continues to be an awakening for Bo-Katan.

The journey of Bo-Katan has gone through many changes this season. She starts as an abandoned leader of her tribe, to a destiny of uniting all Mandalorians and retaking Mandalore. So far, the revelations in this episode have been the most profound as the Amrorer has recognized that Bo-Katan has “lived on both sides,” meaning she has experienced their people from before the fall of Mandalore and also with the old practices of the Children of the Watch. She is a link between all the tribes and the perfect person to lead, uniting them all. I especially appreciate how unsure and overwhelmed Bo-Katan appears to be. Although a skilled warrior and leader, these revelations from the Armorer are new territory for her. I wonder when she will tame and ride that Mythosaur.

A Mystery

At the end of the episode, a mystery unfolds. I love the combination of action, adventure with an overarching story of intrigue and mystery this season has introduced.

While on patrol, Captain Teva discovers a derelict Republic shuttle in space. It appears that the shuttle was attacked and the crew are dead. It is confirmed that this was the shuttle that was carrying Moff Gideon to trial but there is not Gideon on board. It is apparent that whoever attacked the shuttle helped him escape. But who? After further investigating with a probe, Beskar shard is discovered in the cabin. Could Mandalorians be responsible? If so, which Mandalorians and why? It might be too obvious but my first guess would be Death Watch. Why would they help Gideon or the Empire?

Carson Teva finds a Beskar shard – “Mandalorians?”


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